The Pad

Unassuming and Simple.  Just What You Need.
You owe it to yourself to take care of your health – it is the little things that count.  Don’t dismiss the importance of a little extra support, or a little extra comfort, or a little extra space in your work area.
This is The Pad.  It is unassuming.  It is simple.  But don’t let that fool you.  The ergonomic design minimizes mouse repositioning when you run out of mousepad area and allows us to keep the size of the pad small.  The wrist rest is gel – not foam – or anything that flattens over time.  The material itself is extra-thick and comfy.  And the bottom is a non-slip material.
Use the pad for your mouse or your trackpad.  If you travel, get another one and slip it in your backpack or carrying case for use on the road.  Go ahead and click on the button below.
Get The Pad, and we’ll include a special gift – an ebook on maintaining a healthy workstation accompanied by a 5-week email course that will help you incrementally improve your workspace.  Did we say this was free?  Yep.  It’s free.Get it HERE!