The KeyMouse – Looks Promising….

KeyMouse is a new way of looking at the way we work on our computer.  The project is still in the Kickstarter phase and the founders are looking for backers.

What intrigued me about this is that it get’s around the whole ergonomic problem of keyboards and mice by having a mobile keyboard.  Once you have a mobile keyboard then you don’t have to twist your wrists, which will reduce pressure and therefore will be a reduction in stress.  This is just the type of equipment that holds significant promise for reducing injuries at the computer.

Wrist positions illustrated from the KeyMouse kickstarter site.
To fully benefit from the KeyMouse you’ll need touch-typing.  There is no way you are going to be able to benefit from this design unless you can touch type (more on that later in another blog).

That’s pretty cool!  Check out their Explanation Video for more details and then checkout their kickstarter website.