Cable Management

Okay, so our company is called Tangled Wires, so the topic of cable management is spot on.  Many of us, have way too many wires and cables all around.  There are a few different solutions out there that are popular.  On my desk specifically there are at least 5-8 wires depending on what’s going on and many of them find their way into my USB hub.  Things get dusty and icky really fast.  And, of course, because I travel frequently, they end up going with me at client sites.  (Don’t you hate it when your white kindle charging cable looks brownish from all the dust and travel?!)

Anyway, back the the point.  There are many different out there, and here are two that we’ve found useful:

Cable drops which are useful when you have a few dangling cables but isn’t the most useful if you have a large number of cables:

YouTube Video

And there is a multiple solution like Quirky Cordies:

YouTube Video

A couple of these are good for multiple cables.  Also, because of lack of adhesive, they can travel well also.
We’re currently researching creating a premium version of these products of higher quality – specifically with respect to adhesives in the drop cable solution and stability in the multi-cable solution.  We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with these and other cable solutions as well as recommendations for our next product lines.